To find out how much memory is in your system, right-click on the “My Computer” icon and then choose properties from the menu.  Under “memory” or “RAM”, if it reads any number smaller than 1.0 Gb (or 1,000 Mb), you should consider increasing your memory.  For older systems, you may not be able to increase

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Hard drives fail.  It’s a fact of life.  We can help you make sure that your data is backed up, so that in the event of a mechanical failure you don’t lose things that matter to you!  

Cyber Express is in need of an experienced computer technician to fill a part-time position.  Candidates should have the ability to repair pc and laptop hardware and resolve software and operating system issues.  Ability to troubleshoot networks (wireless and wired) preferred.  Base pay + commissions for sales and on-site service calls!  Interested individuals should email

If anyone you know attends college or works for an academic organization, they are eligible to receive discounts on software from Microsoft!  All that is needed to take advantage of these savings is your college/university email address. Deep discounts are available!  For example, students can purchase Microsoft Office Professional Academic, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint,