Today we’re releasing Ad-Aware 11.10.  The latest version of Ad-Aware provides essential security fixes and advanced malware protection. To continuously defend users against the latest threats, we’re treating Ad-Aware 11.10 as an essential update. An update prompt will notify existing Ad-Aware users every time they restart their computer. To ensure continuous protection, download Ad-Aware 11.10

Researchers at Dr. Web have discovered a new Trojan lurking inside over 60 games in the Google Play store. The games are being distributed by more than 30 developers, including Conexagon Studio, Fun Color Games and BILLAPPS. The main purpose of the Trojan, dubbed Android.Xiny.19.origin, is to create a backdoor on the affected mobile device to

                      Data Privacy Day commemorates the signing of Convention 108, the first legally-binding international treaty covering privacy and data protection. The annual event aims to promote increased privacy awareness and education. To celebrate Data Privacy Day 2016, here are several of our previous posts aimed

Arbor Networks has released their 2016 Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report. The report is an analysis of responses from a variety of network operators regarding current threats and concerns. For the first time, the survey asked enterprise, government and education organizations to estimate the cost of network downtime as related to a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack. Most

For many businesses, managing and maintaining their entire hardware and software infrastructure can be a daunting and prohibitively expensive task. But with the inception of virtualization, this is no longer an issue. Virtualization allows businesses to maximize the use of their IT resources at a reduced cost – this is why it has become so

Companies of all sizes are embracing virtualization as a way to cut IT expenses, enhance security, and increase operational efficiency. While the benefits of virtualization are self-evident, many people are still in the dark when it comes to the many different types of virtualization. Here, we’ll show you some of the most common virtualization methods

With its ability to eliminate the expense of a traditional phone line and slash costs, it’s no wonder that companies jump on the VoIP bandwagon without giving it much thought. However, transitioning without a plan can cause a range of issues that many business owners never expected. Here are a few to be aware of.

When a technology is released on the market that promises to cut the expense of your old technology in half, it certainly can raise some eyebrows. We all know, when a deal sounds too good to be true it usually is. So when it comes to VoIP, and its wild claims of radically reducing phone

When it comes to saving money for small businesses, VoIP is one IT tool that is all the rage. For many organizations, it can cut phone expenses in half. So obviously the benefit of a VoIP system can be enormous. But is there a catch? With some VoIP providers, there certainly is. So when you’re

Most business owners don’t normally think they will be a victim of a natural disaster…not until an unforeseen crisis happens and their company ends up suffering from thousands or millions of dollars in economic and operational losses — all because of the lack of thoughtful disaster preparedness. This post gives small or mid-sized businesses (SMBs)