Eeny meeny miny moe. Pick a Hardrive by the… Toe? Ladies and gentlemen, a new era in storage drives has arrived: The Solid-State drive (SSD). Is it time to upgrade, or can we stay with our favorite sixty-year-old technology? Should we even upgrade our storage? Let’s take a look at these different types of drives

“It is time to change your password” What is it about these words that cause you to draw a blank every time? The brain almost shuts down, since your current password seems to be the only “good” password that you can think of. You need something hard to hack or crack, yet easy for you to

Last week we talked about how to keep your laptop cool. This week we’ll take a look at the “elephant in the room”; cooling that monstrous desktop computer. Being quite a bit larger than your laptop, moving parts, such as fans and hard drives, have a lot more room in the tower of your desktop PC.

Imagine: Late one night, while you’re chilling on the couch with your laptop in your lap – where, given the name “laptop” you would think it belongs – watching the latest season of “Supernatural” and you begin to think to yourself that the special effects in this episode are more realistic than normal, because just