Our data is everywhere. We have MP3s on our phones, movies on our tablets, books on our Kindles, and stuff for work on our laptops and desktops. This being the case, we sometimes have to wonder if our information is completely safe? Our devices, along with our data, can always be lost, damaged, or even

The mornings are getting chilly and the night even more so, we here in Ohio know what that means. Fall is here. Time to clean up our gardens, winterize the house and car, and try to find the lost mittens from last year. Between all that, there has to be something we can do to

Make no mistake, there’s a lot of malicious stuff out there that can really mess up your computer. Fortunately, if you follow these simple tips, you can keep your computer safe from even the worst that the internet has to offer. 1. One of the easiest, and most important things you can do to protect your

We have them sitting on shelves in our closets and in our garages. Stuffed in drawers and in boxes under the bed. Old computers, laptops, printers, cell phones, DVD players, TVs… The list of old electronics collecting dust in our homes goes on and on. Did you know that these old devices can yield potentially useful materials