Cyber Express is Youngstown OH’s go-to shop for Apple Laptop, Desktop, and iDevice Repairs. Don’t throw away your expensive Apple computer when the screen is cracked, when you drop it, spill liquids in it, or when the hard drive fails. Apple computers hold their value over time and repairing them makes more sense than replacing them typically.

We beat the Apple Store’s prices on repairs every time! No need to drive to Cleveland or Pittsburgh.
Apple Laptop and Desktop repairs include:
Glass Replacement
Screen Replacement
Password Recovery
Operating System Re-installs
Hard Drive Repair & Replacement
Data Recovery
Memory Upgrades
Keyboard & Touchpad Repair or Replacement
Battery and Charger Replacement or Repair
Motherboard or Logic Board Replacement
Reverse Damage from Liquid Spills or Drops
Other iDevice Repairs, such as iPod, iPad, and iPhone include:
Glass Replacement
Screen Replacement
Repair “touch” issues
Logic Board Replacement

Cyber Express is proficient in Mac OS X Operating Systems and can help with the following:
Printer Setup and Installation
File Sharing between Macs and PCs
Migration from PC to Mac or from an older Mac to a newer Mac
Setup of Dual Boot Systems with BootCamp (Windows and Mac OS in one!)
Setup of Parallels or VM Ware (virtual Windows inside of your Mac)
Use of Mac in business environments
Software Installation and Setup for nearly any Mac Software Package
Tuneups and Software Updates and Upgrades