MacBook’s are generally very reliable machines. But like all technology – you’re likely to run into some issues. Cyber Express is the only IT company in Youngstown, Ohio who also does Mac & Apple repair. While some issues can easily be fixed on your own – there are some common issues that will need to be addressed by one of our highly trained employees. These are five of the most common MacBook issues:


Battery Drainage:

  •   Battery drainage is one of the most common MacBook issues. If you are noticing your battery draining faster than usual – try resetting your power management and restart your MacBook. You can also try to reset your MacBooks SMC (system management controller).


Startup Issues

  • If your MacBook fails to properly boot up and all you’re seeing is a blank or gray startup screen, you need to try booting in safe mode. Booting in Safe mode allows your Mac Operating System to boot using the bare minimum of software. 
  • To start your MacBook in safe mode, start your Mac and then press and hold the shift key. Once the apple logo appears and then disappears, you can release the shift key. It may take a couple of minutes for your login screen to appear — that’s normal. Your operating system is just running diagnostics on your hard drive. To leave safe mode just restart your MacBook without holding any keys.


Performance Issues

  • The first thing you need to do when you notice performance issues with your MacBook is to restart. Sometimes that’s all your computer needs. If that doesn’t work – there are some other options: 
  • Start with pressing the command button and spacebar at the same time. Then type “Activity Monitor” and check the cpu and memory tabs. If there is an active program taking up all of your computer’s resources (slowing down your computer) then you can close the application. 



  • Another common issue is overheating. Sometimes MacBook overheating is accompanied by loud fans and a hot to the touch MacBook. Although it is common for Macs to heat up when they’re in use, if your Mac is shutting down due to overheating it could be a sign of a more serious problem. 
  • Try downloading a temperature checking application. This will help you monitor the temperature of all the heat sensors in your Mac, run diagnostics, and control fan speeds. 
  • Schedule a cleaning of your Mac at least every six months.  


Charging Problems

  • If you already know that your outlets or power strip are working correctly then there are a few ways to fix charging problems. If your MacBook has a removable battery start by removing and then re-inserting it in your machine. If that doesn’t work and you don’t have a backup battery or charger – try resetting your SMC (System Management Controller). 


If your problems aren’t solved, you can bring it to our store to get assistance from our highly trained staff. We would be happy to help you get your MacBook working again.