We recently just wrote a blog about the most common MacBook issues and how we are the only Apple and MacBook repair company in Boardman Ohio. That being said, we also fix PCs! PCs can have just as many issues as MacBooks – some can be fixed easily and others will need to be looked at by our experts at Cyber Express. Here are 5 of the most common PC issues. 

PC Overheating

An overheating PC is one of the most common pc issues. An overheating PC will slow down your entire computer and most likely will lead to constant crashes. If your PC is frequently overheating then some of your PC components can become permanently damaged due to overheating.

There are several reasons why your PC could be overheating. Either your cooling system isn’t working properly or the PC is overheating so much that your cooling system can’t keep up.

If a computer case lacks a sufficient cooling system then the computer’s components may start to generate too much heat. Try turning your computer off and letting it cool off whenever it starts to overheat. You should also make sure the fans in your PC are working properly. 


PC Crashing as it’s starting up

If your PC starts up to the point of showing your manufactures logo and then crashes it’s because of your RAM, Hard Drive, or corrupted windows OS. If your windows OS is corrupted then you can reinstall windows with the windows recovery disk. If your RAM or Hard Drive are faulty then it will need to be looked at by a professional. 


Computer Keeps Freezing

Your computer freezing can cause a panic if you have unsaved work. If your computer freezes, start by pressing ctrl + alt + delete – this allows you to open your task manager to close whatever application is causing your computer to freeze. 

If a specific application isn’t causing your computer to freeze then your PC could be infected with malware. You should be running virus and malware scans on your computer regularly. 


Slow Internet Connection

A slow internet connection can be very frustrating at times. But luckily for you, internet issues can be easily identified. Usually the issue is either going to be with your internet appliance or your ISP (Internet service provider). The first thing you should try is to restart your modem. To reset everything back to normal, turn off your modem for several minutes and then turn it back on. 

If resetting your modem doesn’t improve your internet connection then try finding background applications that are eating up your internet speed. Just check your task manager (ctrl+alt+delete and select task manager) to find and close the application. If these solutions don’t improve your internet connection then it’s likely an issue with your ISP. 


Your Printer Isn’t Printing

There could be many reasons why your printer isn’t working properly. That being said, you should start by checking if there are any error messages on your printer screen. Sometimes there will be a warning light or error message to let you know what’s faulty. 

First you should try to restart your printer. Simply canceling all of the tasks and restarting can do wonders for your printer if it’s being overloaded. If restarting doesn’t fix your printer then check for issues on your computer. Almost every printer will have a driver installed on your computer. The driver should tell you about any issues it can detect in the troubleshooting mode. Also make sure to check if your driver is up to date.


A lot of common PC issues can be fixed easily with some simple instructions. That being said, if you are having trouble trying to fix your computer don’t hesitate to contact us at Cyber Express to have a professional fix your computer. We are veteran owned and have been serving the Youngstown, Ohio area for 20 plus years.