The mornings are getting chilly and the night even more so, we here in Ohio know what that means. Fall is here. Time to clean up our gardens, winterize the house and car, and try to find the lost mittens from last year. Between all that, there has to be something we can do to relax from all the busyness and fight the boredom.

A lot of us have old computer parts lying around gathering dust waiting for us to haul them to the Electronic Recycling place. Let’s make use of some of those old computers with some fun ideas.

Lettered Paperclips or magnets for the refrigerator

paper clips

Laptop keyboards have those neat flat keys. Pull one apart and use hot glue to fasten the old key to the paper clips or magnet. A cute and fun organization idea.


Personalized Picture Frame

picture frame

Use the old keys to tell a story about the picture!


disk planter

Chances are that if you have an outdoor garden, you have an indoor one too. Use old five and a quarter floppies to make a unique indoor herb garden or to start getting your plants ready for putting outdoors next year.

Key-chains and necklaces


Everyone loves unique and personalized things. Use old keyboard keys to make something special as your key-chain or a signature necklace.




Always losing your keys? With this idea, you not only know where your keys are but what they are called too!

Other Fun Ideas

disk clock




There really is no end to the awesome things you can do with old computer components. We even saw a table made out of motherboards, earrings made out of RAM and a chair made from an old computer tower.

Remember, should your current computer have an issue while you are looking up new and exciting ways to use those old parts, Cyber Express in Boardman is always here to help!