One minute you’re humming along writing an important email at break neck speed and then…  Nothing. The computer crashed, and now you’re going to have to start all over.

img 1 crash

Any computer can crash, regardless of how up to date, how advanced, or how old it is. Here are some easy tips to prevent many types of computer crashes, and how to keep one from completely ruining your day.

1.) Save often.

Saving often is a good habit to get into no matter what you are working on. Be it a five-page essay for you Ethics professor, a financial report for your boss, or the absolutely most awesome house ever built in Sims 4. Saving often allows you to be able to go back to a last finishing point after recovering from a crash.

2.) Have a good Anti-Virus.

A good anti-virus program can prevent the types of  viruses that crash or freeze your computer, or in some cases even encrypt and take your data hostage. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

3.) Keep your software updated.

Keeping your Operating System and all your software, including your Anti-Virus up-to-date can go a very long way towards prevent many computer-related annoyances.

4.) Back your data up.

Backing up is like insurance for your data. It’s always better to have a backup and not need it than it is to need a backup and not have it.

5.) Regular checkups.

Just like you see your doctor every year for a physical, and your mechanic annually for a tune-up, it’s a good idea to go to have your computer checked out at least once a year by a professional who can make sure that everything is working the way it should be, and catch any small problems before they become big emergencies.

These are just some simple ways that you can keep your computer from crashing at the worst possible moment. If you have any questions about computer crashes, or want to schedule an annual checkup for your computer, give Cyber Express in Boardman a call.