One of the things our clients ask us about the most often is backing up their data.

Unfortunately, a majority of them wait until we’ve had to perform some level of data recovery before they even think to ask us about what could very possibly be the most important aspect of maintaining their computer.

There’s a million good reasons for a computer user to keep a current backup of their data, and keeping your data backed up is always a good idea. When it comes to backups, it’s better to have them and not need them than it is to need them and not have them.

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There are two primary types of data backup: Physical and cloud-based.

Physical backups are just that. Physical. Your data is stored on an external device of some sort. External Hard Drives, USB drives, even DVD discs can be used to store data.

Backing up your data to an external device can be done one of two ways: Either by dragging and dropping the data that you want to be backed up from your computer’s folders to a folder on your external drive of choice, or by utilizing software to automatically back up your data to your external storage – Carbonite and Apple’s Time Machine are good examples of software that can automatically back your data up.

Physical backups containing highly important data can be stored in a secure place, such as a fire safe or even a safe deposit box. Adding an extra layer of security to your physical backup.

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The other type of data backup is what’s called “cloud-based”.

Cloud-based backups are backups that are saved to the “cloud”, or internet.

One of the main benefits of backing data up to the cloud is that you will be able to access your data from any device, anywhere in the world, just as long as you have the log-in credentials.

Just like with physical backups, there are two main ways of backing your data up to the cloud. The first is the drag and drop method that also works for physical backups – simply copy your data over to the folder for your favorite cloud drive (Dropbox or Google Drive are good choices). The second is by utilizing software that securely backs your computer’s folders up to the cloud. Programs such as Backblaze do this extremely well.

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We actually recommend, and best practices are to do both physical and cloud backups – for that added security and for some extra piece of mind. After all, you never want to keep all your eggs in one basket. Again, it’s better to have backups and not need them than it is to need them and not have them

Backing your data up is always a good idea, and really isn’t all too difficult. If you need help backing everything up, or need help recovering some data that you haven’t backed up yet, give Cyber Express in Boardman a call. We’re here to help