Data Privacy Day commemorates the signing of Convention 108, the first legally-binding international treaty covering privacy and data protection. The annual event aims to promote increased privacy awareness and education. To celebrate Data Privacy Day 2016, here are several of our previous posts aimed at helping our readers protect their privacy.  

Three Ways to Secure Your Facebook Account













Facebook accounts are increasingly susceptible to privacy and security issues. As social media creeps into various facets of our lives, securing your account has become more important than ever before. Here are three security practices which will help you ensure your Facebook privacy.


Before You Give Your Credit Card Number: Three Tips for Online Shopping













Don’t let the promise of deals or the stress of last-minute shopping force you to compromise your privacy. These three important tips can help you and your family stay secure while shopping online. 


How to Secure Your Home Router













This article explains how to find your router’s IP address, how to log in to your router and how to enable password protection or change its default password for added security. The guide is intended for users of Windows 7 and 8 but may be adapted to other operating systems.


Seven Keys for an Effective Privacy Program












There are numerous consequences for failures of privacy and security at the enterprise level. One of the most impactful consequences is the decline in the reputation of the affected organization. A commitment to protecting consumer privacy is a greater necessity for organizations than ever before.  


The Smart Home Checklist











“The Smart Home Checklist” is a valuable resource for homeowners managing the privacy and security of their homes and devices. In addition to Wi-Fi and home entertainment systems, more homeowners are utilizing smart apps and connected devices to monitor the security, temperature and light settings.

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