With technology advancing at nearly the speed of light these days, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. It seems that just as soon as you become fairly proficient at using an OS (Operating System), program, or application the developers stop making code for it, then suddenly drop support. This year we have a couple of oldies that are getting ready to be sent to the archives of what once was.

updating from vista

Earlier this year Google Chrome ended support for Windows XP and Vista. What this means is that if you’re using one of these “classic” Operating Systems, you may not be able to browse the web or check your mail using Chrome. Mozilla Firefox users, don’t go breathing a sigh of relief just yet; in September of this year they will also be dropping support for these quickly fossilizing Operating Systems.

updating your OS

Considering an upgrade from Vista is probably be a good idea. The last security patch for this little gem was issued in April.  Now, if you still have Vista you’ll have to call Microsoft directly for support for Vista, and they’ll just tell you what we have said here… And charge you a pretty penny for it! With no more forthcoming security patches, Windows Vista is about to become a huge security risk.

If you need help upgrading, or have any questions about what this coming lack of security support means for you, give Cyber Express in Boardman, Ohio a call today.