Did you know that, just like a car, your computer also needs a tune-up???!!!  It’s true!  Cyber Express recommends a clean-up once per year.

A “clean up” at Cyber Express includes the following:

Removal of Malware (spyware, trojans, etc.)
Virus removal (if necessary)
Removal of unnecessary or harmful programs
Updating of necessary programs (Java, Flash, Reader, etc)
Install Windows Updates and/or Service Packs
Defragment Hard Drive
Removal of temporary files
Removal of cookies
Removal of browser toolbars
Stop unnecessary programs from running and/or starting up
Stop unnecessary services from running/starting
Check AntiVirus and, if not performing adequately, install new AntiVirus
Check overall pc health and performance, such as, verifying hard drive free space, memory performance, etc.

AND…… we will install free scanning programs you can use on your own to help keep your computer clean in the future!

WOW!  That’s alot of BANG for the BUCK!

Call us today!!!   (330) 629-6922  or just bring your pc or laptop in to us!  6128 Market Street, Boardman, OH.  OR… call us to schedule a home or office service call!  We will come to you!!