You may think that installing two antivirus programs will ensure your computer is extra protected, but, in fact, you could be leaving yourself open to an attack!  Antivirus programs will not work well together, and will both try to take over the monitoring of the system.  Because they can fight each other for control, many times, they end up not monitoring important files and changes happening to your computer.  It is for this reason that Cyber Express recommends using only one antivirus program.

We currently recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for antivirus.  This program is available for free from Microsoft’s site.  You can also find a link for Microsoft Security Essentials at our website, 

You should remove all other antivirus programs before installing Microsoft Security Essentials.  You should also ensure that no “remnants” of an old antivirus program are running on your computer, as this may interfere with any other antivirus program you install.

Cyber Express would be happy to assist you with your antivirus program installation, removal or verifying that past antivirus programs are not interfering with your current antivirus program.  Feel free to give us a call at (220) 629-6922!