Imagine: Late one night, while you’re chilling on the couch with your laptop in your lap – where, given the name “laptop” you would think it belongs – watching the latest season of “Supernatural” and you begin to think to yourself that the special effects in this episode are more realistic than normal, because just as the Winchester Brothers light up the latest corpse it seems that you can actually feel the heat on your legs. Unfortunately, that is not Netflix setting your lap on fire, that is your computer overheating.

melted laptop

Overheating is one of the main reasons that people end up losing the use of their laptop and Netflix buddy. I will say this as gently as possible: Fellas, if you let an overheating laptop sit on your lap too long, studies have shown that it can cause infertility also.

Fortunately, for us engineers are working on a way to prevent this overheating issue through nanoelectronics. Unfortunately for us, this breakthrough is a few years away.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways that you can keep your laptop from setting your pants on fire:

1) Keep it clean

Inside your lap top is a huge PC tower slimmed down and shoved into a tiny area. Dust, dirt, and worst of all animal hair collect inside and have no way out. Get this gunk cleaned out on a regular basis can do a lot toward keeping it cool.

dusty processor

2) Upgrade

If you’re using an older laptop odds are that it has an old mechanical hard drive (HDD). Replacing it with a Solid State Drive (SDD) can help bring those temperatures down a bit. Less moving parts means less heat generation.

3) Cooling Pad

laptop cooling plate

These are nifty little devices that lift up your computer for better air circulation, some even come with fans to help move the air along. There are many different varieties of cooling pads available, all for about what you’d pay going out to dinner and a movie.

Don’t get burned, if you have any questions, your friends at Cyber Express in Boardman, Ohio are here to help you (and your laptop) stay cool.