No matter how careful we like to think we are, this can happen to any of us. It only takes a split second to make this catastrophe happen. SPLASH! That mug of coffee, cup of water, or glass of wine is all over your beloved laptop.

Coffee spilled on laptop

Here’s what to do if you find yourself in this mess:

First, take a deep breath, now is not the time to panic, every second really does count.

Next, if your laptop is on, turn it off, unplug it, and remove the power cord.

Now, if you can, detach the battery. If your model doesn’t allow for removal of the battery you can skip this step.

Then, in a well-ventilated room, tent the laptop over a towel or some absorbent surface, like a microfiber cloth, or stack of paper towels or napkins. This allows any liquid that managed to find its way into your laptop to drain out.

Laptop drying

Now begin removing all peripherals: mouse dongle, external hard drives, flash drives, if you have an external wireless card take that little fella out too. Basically, if you plugged it in to your laptop, remove it.

It is important that you not remove your laptop from this tent position for at least 48, preferably 72 hours.

(Warning: Turning a laptop on before it has had a chance to completely dry increases the chances of shorting the components inside. Also, while it might seem a good idea at the time, do not use a blow dryer to try and dry your laptop out faster. This dry heat can severely damage some of the internal components.)

Okay, now you can panic… Just kidding. There really is no need.

Cyber Express has seen this a thousand times, and can get you set straight in no time at all.

If you’ve spilled something on your laptop, follow these simple steps, then give us a call.