These early summer days are fantastic!  But don’t let the heat destroy your investment!  Heat is BAD for your computer or laptop and can lead to “burnt up” components.  Follow these tips to keep your computer cooler in this hot weather:

– Keep your computer in a location that has unrestricted airflow. 

– Keep the top and sides of your computer free from clutter, such as books and paperwork.

– Keep your computer in a cool (preferrably air-conditioned) location, away from heating vents.

– Never place your laptop on a bed or couch… use it in a location where the bottom and sides can receive airflow.

– Purchase “canned air” to occasionally blow out your computer’s or laptop’s fan holes on the bottom, back and sides.  Keep fans free of clogging “dust bunnies”. 

– Ensure your computer’s fans are actually blowing air.  If not, bring your computer into Cyber Express for fan replacement! 

We hope these tips provide you with some useful information on how to keep your computer cool and prolong its lifetime!

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