We recently published two blogs about common MacBook issues and top 5 common pc issues. That allows our readers to feel more comfortable dealing with the common issues their machines are known to have. This is more of a post for someone undecided on whether to get a MacBook or PC — but how do you know which one is better? What advantages do MacBook’s have over Windows PCs? Why are Windows operating systems better than Mac operating systems? Why is Mac OS better? There are certain reasons why you would want one over the other. That being said, let’s look at the pros for both products:




    • Graphic design: MacBook’s are great if you’re looking at getting into graphic design work. PC’s are starting to catch up to MacBooks when it comes to designing – but historically MacBook’s are better. 
    • Virus Safety: PC’s are generally targeted more than MacBook’s and Apple doesn’t allow you to do the unsafe things you can do with PCs that normally put you at risk of getting viruses. That being said, you should always have an antivirus just to play it safe. 
    • Mac Operating System: The MacOS is very simple for the average user and very easy to learn. Apple also constantly updates their operating system to keep up with security and accessibility. 
    • Customer Service: Apple has great customer service. Apple stores are also really easy to come by. Most major cities should have several – if not – there are local IT companies (Cyber Express) that repair and service all MacBook’s!




    • Cost: Because there are so many companies that make PCs – generally they are cheaper than their Mac counterparts. The cost of repairing PCs is also cheaper than MacBook’s. If a MacBook part is broken, it will have to be replaced with another apple product.  
    • Customizable: You can customize your PC a lot more than you can with a Mac. PCs can also be easily upgraded – you can swap out motherboards, add RAM, graphic cards, etc.. You can even build your own PC part by part. The Windows operating system is also a lot more customizable than a Mac operating system. 
    • Games: While you can run some games on Mac, PCs are so much better for playing video games. Almost every game is designed for Windows 10 and previous operating systems. While the machines can be upgraded to be as powerful as they need to be to run any game. 
    • Variety of Manufactures: PCs are sold by a ton of manufacturers – this allows you to find whatever you need in a PC at the price you want to spend. 


What it really comes down to is your personal preference and what you’re looking for in a computer. If you like to be able to customize everything, play video games, save money, and don’t mind keeping up with a new operating system then a PC would be great for you. On the other hand, if you are familiar with apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.…), enjoy designing or drawing, and want the piece of mind that comes with owning an apple product, then a Mac product would be perfect for you.