Ready for new computers, hardware and servers without the high upfront capital costs?

Check out Our Subscription Hardware Supply Service!

Lose the hardware costs and save money. The Cyber Express has the plan that will work for you!

Why use capital expenditure money when you can have the computers, servers, and external devices you need as an expense line item? There are significant advantages to having up-to-date hardware at a monthly subscription cost.

  • The right hardware to take advantage of technology-enabled competitive advantages
  • Greater uptime and more productivity
  • Simple technology budgeting
  • Accounting and tax implications – ask your tax advisor about expense vs. capital spending

Get off the buy/die/replace roller coaster!

For most businesses, the cost of new hardware and computer equipment is hard to justify. Trying to maintain your business’ computer hardware in-house requires major financial resources – and since hardware requires consistent upgrades and quickly depreciates, the costs continue. Cyber Express offers a better solution for businesses. Our Subscription Hardware Supply Service (also called HaaS – Hardware as a Service) provides you with a complete IT hardware solution in one simple, monthly plan.

What’s included in our Subscription Hardware Supply Service:

  • Improved productivity through better technology

Although we’ve already noted this advantage, it needs to be emphasized. The truth is that you and your employees can’t be as efficient as you would like to be if you’re constantly trying to get slow, sluggish, or outdated computers, servers, and peripheral devices like printers to work properly. Let us provide you with the right technology so you can get the job done, meet deadlines, keep clients happy, and make more money!

  • Access to the new hardware you need

Everyone loves having new stuff… But that’s not why we recommend our hardware supply service. You know the real reason why you want to have new technology for you and your employees. You don’t want the frustrations, headaches, and pain your current computers and network causes you when you try to keep your processes rolling and get work done. You don’t want to be the computer-fix-it person… You just want computers that work. It’s as simple as that.

  • Any application and operating system required for your processes

We don’t just drop off new computers, servers, modems, and printers and say, “Here you go. You’re on your own.”

Of course not!

We set up your new computers with the software and operating system that will integrate best with your workflow and internal processes. Then, we’ll make sure that your employees know how to leverage that hardware and software to get the most done in a workday.

  • Fixed monthly costs, with no capital investment needed

Because you know exactly what your technology expenditure will be for the foreseeable future, you can relax about “surprise” break/fix bills – because there won’t be any! With one easy monthly payment, you remove the pain of waiting and wondering when your next computer will break down – and what you’re going to do about it when it happens. We’ll take all the worry off your plate!

  • Ongoing management and upgrades, as well as 24/7 tech support

When we say that we’re going to take care of you, we mean it! Your Subscription Hardware Supply Service includes:

  • Automatically implemented updates, upgrades, and patches – remotely applied without interruption to your workflow.
  • Help Desk – to answer your technology questions and deal with any potential issues
  • Security and Tech Function Monitoring – remotely ensuring that your systems are working correctly
  • Single Point of Contact – We’ll take care of all your technology needs.
  • Scalability as your business grows or needs change

No business wants to stay the same. Stagnation is the enemy of progress! Whether you are looking to gain market share and grow your company, or your business goes through seasonal fluctuations that change your needs, we’ll work with you to expand or recalibrate your Subscription Hardware Supply Service to meet your current and future technology requirements.

Let’s get started! Give us a call now at 330-629-6922 or send an email to to talk to one of the friendly Cyber Express team.