A new form of malware is ciculating throughout the internet!  A pop-up window with an FBI banner will claim that your internet is “being blocked” due to the browsing of prohibited material.  IT WILL ALSO AUTOMATICALLY TURN ON YOUR WEB-CAM!

If you, or anyone you know, sees this type of behavior on your pc or laptop, be sure to call us right away!!  This is malware and needs to be completely removed.

Also, be sure to UPDATE your spyware utilities before running them weekly!  This will ensure that you have the latest malware protection to help you combat malware attacks! 

Don’t have spyware utilities or an active anti-virus program on your computer???  As part of our clean-up service, we will install free anti-virus and malware fighting programs.  Bring your computer in today to make sure you stay protected!!

When your computer’s a mess, call Cyber Express!