We have been working hard to get our custom software out of the testing phase. We now have to put the final touches on the software and we will be posting a link to download it very soon. This software will give you a few options, first and foremost a remote support app that will allow you to get remote support from our team. This is exciting news as you will now be able to have use remote into your computer with very little interaction from you the end user and we can fix and or see what you are telling us over the phone.

Second part of our software will give you the options to fix a few things that we have seen here in the past few weeks. This software will clean your computer a bit, delete some other issues you may have and also repair some other things like your internet connection and rebooting into safe mode for us to help you out.

I hope everyone will join us as we roll this software out.

Thanks and hope to see you soon.