PC Tune-Up, Viruses, Spyware & Other Malware

A regular PC Tune-Up can help keep that old computer around longer. Windows creates and keeps temporary files around much longer than necessary due to program crashes, badly written applications or file caching that never gets cleared properly. Over time, this slows the system down because it has to search through a growing store of information. In addition, clearing out these temporary items often helps clear out malware (see below) that can make your computer run slowly and/or do things you don’t want it to do.

ZDNet reported on August 24th, 2009 that “55,000 Web sites hacked to serve up malware cocktail“!

What is Malware?

“Mal” is a prefix that means wrong, bad, to bring illness or sickness.  Malware is the category for viruses, trojans, spyware and adware that sneaks onto your computer and potentially infects it and other computers too.

Malware can hijack your computer and be used to attack other computers, can steal your bank and credit card passwords and even download some of its friends for a malware party on your computer!

Call us ASAP if you notice any of these things going on with your PC:

  1. Computer runs noticeably slower than it used to.
  2. You try to go to a website, but you seem to wind up on a different site than you intended, esp. search engines you have never heard of, “antivirus” products, gaming or porn sites.
  3. Constant popups while browsing the web.
  4. Your hard drive light seems to be constantly on.
  5. You get popup boxes claiming you are infected with a virus and you clicked on the button to scan your drive.  This is a common trick to actually get spyware onto your system!  It will then ask for you to pay to clean the “virus” off your system.
  6. You don’t have or you don’t even know if you have antivirus software.  While antivirus software does not guarantee you won’t get a virus, not having it makes it more difficult to clean the system once you are infected.
  7. Friends claim they are getting emails from you that you never sent.
  8. Whenever you try to do something on your computer, it tries to connect to the Internet, but you don’t know why.

I Think I’ve Got a Virus! What Should I Do?

Make sure you do not give any companies your credit card number, your address, phone number or any other thing unless you are 100% sure it is legit!  Do disconnect from the Internet if you are not going to clean the virus right away because some malware does nothing else but download other malware in the background, making the situation worse.  If you are going to clean it on your own, boot the system into Safe Mode to do the scan.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some companies charge $175 or even more to clean a computer of a virus!

Don’t be fooled!  The biggest defense against malware attacks is YOU! Cyber Express’s Computer Services empowers you to fight viruses with the latest free technology!  We will install the latest antimalware software, run a preliminary check and show you how to defeat viruses.

Why should I use your company?  I saw a TV ad for free diagnostics!

Have you ever purchased any item from late night TV? How satisfied were you with your purchase? Honestly, you are better off cleaning it yourself.

The main problem is that they are never really free unless you weren’t infected to begin with. The may let you download for free, scan for free, but if you ever have to call them for any reason, expect to pony up $200 or more!

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