At Emsisoft, we do not simply care about our products. We are also pretty freaking excited about our work, because we love what we do. With that passion for our industry we are proud to have a bunch of dedicated ransomware geeks aboard who spend a lot of time cracking new encryptions. We call them masterminds, internally, because we think they are. So, if these masterminds come across a new crypter they instantly find out if it’s crackable – and how to. If so, we’ll build a decrypter.

If a ransomware attack happens it’s all about time. Usually the victims have only one choice: Pay, or lose the data. In a very short amount of time. That is why our masterminds scan and check for new ransomware every day, mornings, evenings – even at night. The faster a solution is widely available to the public to decrypt a specific fraud, the less criminal hackers will get.


Stay ahead of ransomware – check for decrypter on Emsisoft’s Decrypter page

A decrypter can help victims of these scams instantly to regain access to their computer. Just drag the decrypted file into the decrypter that has affected your data. Best part: At Emsisoft, you’ll get those for free. Because in the end, we do simply care about you. Check out our new Emsisoft Decrypter page for all currently available decrypters. Speaking of – we’re out, searching for new threats, and ways to decrypt them.

>> Meanwhile, see it for yourself: Emsisoft Ransomware Decrypter Downloads

Because: We’re here to fix that!

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