Let’s face it, most of us keep our lives, the lives of our children and some of our friends on our laptops. Losing this information can be catastrophic, especially when traveling. Last week we began covering the basics of how to keep your laptop safe. This week we will continue that discussion, and talk about some things that you can do to keep your laptop safe during your travels.

Safe laptop travel

Make your sure Anti-Virus and Operating System are up to date.

This is something you should always do, even when not traveling. It not only keeps your data safe but keeps your usages smoothly running. There is more on this in our blog, ,“9 things to do to keep your laptop wifi safe”..

Back-up your data

Before you walk out the door in that new swimsuit and cabana sunglasses to board your plane, back it up. The most important thing about your laptop is the data it holds. Make sure that data never gets lost no matter what by safely uploading it to a cloud server or external hard drive that will stay at home.

Don’t rule out a Safety Lock
laptop security lock

It seems a little outrageous but if traveling to big City airports and bus stations it might be a good idea to get a security lock for your travel bag. It may not completely prevent the determined thief from taking your laptop. But it will cause the casual thief to think twice. There are several different types of these. Take a “Google” browse and see which one would work best for you.


If you’re like a lot of people and keep your whole life on your laptop, it would definitely be a good idea to purchase insurance for it. Some business and even home owner’s insurance policies insure travel loss. Check with your insurance agent to see if you’re covered.

Make use of the Do Not Disturb sign

safe laptop travel dnd

Carrying your laptop with you everywhere you go while traveling isn’t always practical. From time to time you’re probably going to need to leave your laptop in your hotel room. If you do so, be sure to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door before you leave. This will keep the housekeeping out of your room when you are not there. Besides, you can always get more towels while you’re lounging at the pool.

Safe laptop travel

If you have any questions about keeping your computer safe while traveling, give the friendly folks at Cyber Express a call. We’re always happy to help!