In our last couple of blogs (here and here) we’ve been talking about traveling with your laptop. This week, we’ll be talking about the unique challenges that taking your laptop on an airplane can bring.

If you have never traveled through an Airport with a laptop, it can be a bit of a pain. Cyber Express has prepared some basic guidelines to make the process as smooth and painless as possible. With a little planning your vacation or business trip will go off without a hitch.


Safe Laptop Travel

Always take your laptop as a carry-on. Baggage handlers are basically trained to move the baggage as fast as they can from cart to plane and back the other way, this means toss, shoving, throwing and yes, even dropping your luggage. Play it safe and keep this sensitive machine where you can keep it safe.

Security check points

Make sure your laptop is turned off before you approach the checkpoint.  Some laptops take forever to wake up from “sleep mode” should you be asked to turn your device on for the personal at the checkpoint, not having to go through the “power off-power on” song and dance will make it easier for all involved.

Safe Laptop Travel

Also be sure sure to place your shoes in the first bin, coat and toiletries in the next, then suitcase and bags, and your laptop the last. This will make it easier for you to gather your items quickly when reaching the other side.

On the plane

safe laptop travel

Never place your laptop in the overhead bin. Unless you are over 6 feet tall you won’t be able to see the compartment clearly, and neither will anyone else. They will toss, throw (picking up on an airport theme here?), shove and drop anything in the way of getting their bag to fit in that tiny compartment. Laptops are best stored under the seat in front of you.

Just a reminder: Bulkhead seating does not have seat storage in front of it, but there is side storage for carrying on items. Ask an attendant for a secure space here if you are not planning on using your laptop while sitting in a bulkhead seat. If you are planning on using your laptop in flight it is best to ask for a “non-bulkhead” seat.

These simple tips will help you and your laptop have a safe and happy trip. But if something should happen to your laptop while you are traveling to far off reaches, we here at Cyber Express back in Boardman, Ohio, are always here to help you get your laptop back on track.