First, click the icon on your desktop (or in your spyware utilities folder).

This is the initial spybot screen. You will want to check for updates before you do anything else. This allows the program to find more than it would normally.

On this screen you select the server you want to download your updates from. This isn't a huge decision, they usually all work, but some are faster than others. We usually try "giganet".

Make sure everything is checkmarked, then click download.

If you see this, click "don't show me this again" then click "ok"

You will end up back at the main screen. This time, though, choose "check for problems".

Wait for the scan to finish.

When it does finish, you will see a list of the items found. Make sure everything is checkmarked, and click "fix selected problems".

Click "yes" when it asks if you want to remove these items.

When Spybot is done, you will see this screen. Click "ok" then close the program.