We are no longer using A-Squared.  It has been changed to Esmisoft Anti-Malware and is no longer free.  We will notify you on this website if we come across another program to use in it’s place.  Malware Bytes, Super Anti Spyware, Spybot, and CCleaner continue to do a good job for us.

Also, during the last week or so, we have noticed some computers coming in that haven’t had Malware Bytes updated in a while.  On these computers, Malware Bytes will give an error when you try to update it.  Simply follow the link to the right and download the new version.  This will solve this problem in our experience.

Just a note, it is essential to update these tools before you run them.  Without updates, they won’t know to look for the new viruses/spyware that came out since they were last updated.