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The Friendly Cyber Express IT Support Staff Can’t Wait to Meet You!

Having trouble with your personal or home business computer? Is your company’s entire network in need of serious attention? Are you losing money because you can’t get your work done quickly and efficiently? Then you need to call in the Cyber Express Team!

We love to help people get more out of their computers and enable them to free up valuable time for family and leisure.

Technology has two faces: it either makes your organization more efficient, profitable, and successful or it’s a pain in the neck – using up your precious resources.

We aim to ensure that your company becomes lands in the efficient, profitable, and successful category!

We leverage computer repair services and continuous IT care technology to increase your company’s productivity, efficiency and profits.


CYBER EXPRESS is Youngstown’s best full-service laptop and desktop repair company. We specialize in residential and small business computer repair.


We are the computer maintenance and repair solution that is affordable and available to all clients - Residential and Commercial.


We’d like to offer you a FREE Problem Prevention Audit, which can expose weaknesses in your computer or network that may be causing you problems.

We Support both PC and Mac

Most IT companies will only service PC or Mac - at Cyber Express we have expertise in both!