IT Support for the Insurance Industry That You Can Count On

Technology has greatly simplified your work days.  You can’t even recall what it was like back in the days of legal pads and pens or desktop computing only.  The cloud has revolutionized the insurance process, allowing you to be more productive than ever.  Never before could you be in the field and yet still stay on top of all of your paperwork.  It’s amazing! Still…things aren’t quite perfect in insurance paradise.

You’re still managing your technology on your own, and it’s become too large a task for one person.  Your work is beginning to suffer as you try to solve the technology challenges you face.  But more than that, you are acutely aware that you don’t have the skills to fix or even get the most from your IT.

There has to be a better way.

We have good news for you!  There is.

Cyber Express is your comprehensive managed IT services provider with expert knowledge of technology for the insurance industry.  We have the skills you need to improve your overall IT efficiency and company productivity, and we are ready to get to work for you.

Competitive Edge

The insurance industry is competitive. But it’s hard to distinguish your business from the competition.  Let’s face it, policies are similar, if not identical, to the company down the street.  It’s the nature of the business.  There aren’t a lot of price breaks to be had, unfortunately.  Yet, people need insurance, and you pride yourself on being the kind of company that offers what people need from a quality staff that really cares and goes the extra mile for your customers.

How do you set yourself apart? By having the underlying technology that allows you to be the first to deliver service and to meet the client’s high expectations when it comes to communication and collaboration technology.

Legislative and Industry Compliance

Your business is not without its frustrations.  Selling and providing insurance is not an easy thing.  In recent years, compliance legislation has changed and tightened up meaning there are even more regulations to learn and adhere to.   More than this, with so many insurance agencies at work for the client’s dollar, you not only have to provide insurance, write policies, research and file claims, you actually have to chase down potential leads and sell insurance before you can even get to the real “meat” of the job.

IT with Cyber Express—The Team with Experience

Experience matters—it matters in the insurance business, and it matters in your IT services provider.  Cyber Express has a proven track record of working with insurance companies just like yours to help them get the IT they need to reach all their goals.  We don’t just talk the talk—we deliver, every last time.

IT with Cyber Express—A Team with Comprehensive, Quality Service

A company is only as good as the services it provides.  With IT support from Cyber Express, you get all of the IT services you need at a price point that you can afford.  At Cyber Express, we don’t believe the tools you require to do your job well should break the bank, and with us, they don’t.  Cyber Express can provide all-inclusive IT support for an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee to fit any budget.

Check out the IT services for insurance businesses that Cyber Express offers.


  • Round the clock monitoring to prevent, detect, and resolve minor IT issues before disruption or downtime can impact your business.
  • Securing your network with managed anti-virus and firewalls to ensure protection against a wide-range of threats, including malware and spam.
  • Designing a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plan to ensure your IT systems and data are recoverable in the event of human error or natural disaster.
  • Providing on-site and/or remote support for IT issues to prevent productivity loss and downtime due to technology-related issues, concerns, or questions.

That’s just the beginning!

Whatever your IT needs, Cyber Express will deliver.

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All the IT you need to succeed is just a phone call away with Cyber Express.  We look forward to serving you.