Advice that Leads to Positive Results With Support Strategy & Infrastructure Management

Get the right people with the right information on your side! Why? Because if your computer and home/office network are configured to support what you are trying to accomplish, you’ll get more done and be more productive. It’s that simple. Express delivers the kind of technology advice and management that makes a difference in your virtual home office or brick and mortar location.

Let us give you timely executive-level advice that will result in the safe, stable, and streamlined IT environment that you require.

We give you all the insight advantages of a C-level technology executive!

Our technology consultants will help you by analyzing your workflow, current needs, expansion plans, and in-place technology to build an assessment of what you need now and what you will need six months to a year down the road.

We understand what technology can do to help you scale to the next level.

But our technology consultants do more than just tell you what hardware and software you need.

We will help you act proactively to prevent computer problems before they become debilitating issues that negatively affect the business. We do this by:

  • Developing an appropriate budget and helping you manage it
  • Creating a support strategy & infrastructure management
  • Implementing the right technology
  • Operationalizing – installation, configuration, monitoring, and staff training
  • Managing all your IT vendor relationships

We’re here to help you take the mile-high view of your technology and enable you to see how the pieces fit together for you to accomplish your growth-oriented goals.

High impact decisions need current technology insight. Your technology is a big chunk of your daily processes. That means that it’s function – and related cost – is going to affect any decision you make.

You need to know how technology and its cost is going to influence:

  • Your desire to scale.
  • Your budget for next year
  • Your work-at-home and remote employees
  • Your product expansion plans
  • Your decision to hire more people
  • Your new facility
  • Your proposed satellite locations

Making the big decisions of scale, planning, and budgeting without all the needed information at your disposal could be disastrous for your company. That’s why Cyber Express offers a technology consulting service. – We want you to succeed!

Whether you are making decisions that affect your local business or a global enterprise, our technology consultant will enable you to make good choices based on the best IT information available.

We deliver:

  • Business Focused Technology Answers – Enhancing your business is what we do, technology is just HOW we do it. We combine business acumen with technology know-how.
  • Customized Executive IT Answers – High-level decisions are consequential. Our technology consultant will give you the bird’s eye view of how IT impacts overall profitability.
  • On-Site Expertise – Sometimes you just need someone there to walk you through the impact of IT on your budgets and big strategy choices.
    IT Strategy That Works – We will collaborate with your team to lay out a detailed plan to use technology to help you reach your objectives.

Want the best advice for your home office or mid-size company? Talk to the professional technology consultants that care about Youngstown, Ohio businesses!

Give us a call now at 330-629-6922 or send an email to We’ll be happy to learn more about you, and the technology challenges your business faces.