Keep Your Home Office or Business Going No Matter the Disaster.

Business Continuity. You’ve heard the term, but maybe don’t know all that is involved in setting up a business for successfully surviving negative events. The professional home and business computer support technicians of Cyber Express successfully position individuals and corporations each day to have access to their systems no matter what is thrown at them.

Why do you need Business Continuity service?

Big businesses have all their bases covered. They have insurance and professionals to handle every scenario imaginable. Unfortunately, home-based companies and small to mid-size brick and mortar organizations often are not prepared to face the unexpected.

You buy insurance for liability, fire, and flood. But what pre-emptive action have you taken against the potential loss of all your company’s data and internal technology infrastructure?

That’s why you need business continuity service from Cyber Express. We preserve your data so you can use it at another location if your current location faces unanticipated disasters such as:

  • Electrical Outage
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Wind Damage
  • Criminal Activity
  • Human Error

If you aren’t prepared, any one of these events could take your small to mid-size business offline for weeks – or permanently.

Why invest in business continuity service?


  • Because your data is valuable.
  • Because you want to keep working.
  • Because you want to deliver projects on time and keep clients happy.
  • Because you want to ensure continuity for your employee’s income.

How we do it. — What’s is involved in the Cyber Express business continuity service?

As you can imagine, it’s not a simple task to preserve massive amounts of data, store the files offsite, and make them available to be recovered from any internet-connected device. But that’s exactly what the Cyber Express team does for our clients! We give you:

  • Automatic Backup Systems
  • Secure Backup
  • Onsite and Offsite Backup
  • Verifiable Backup
  • Recovery Options
  • Collaborative Functionality
  • File Encryption

We make it easy for you! We’ll set you up so all your backups are done automatically, and we’ll be there if and when you need to access them in the event of disaster.

Cybersecurity – One BIG reason you need business continuity service from Cyber Express.

It’s often fairly obvious to business owners that fire or flood could destroy their computers and servers. Natural disasters have historically been the main reason that individuals and companies have invested in data backup and disaster recovery systems.

But a new player has entered the arena, and it’s a scary one…


Ransomware is a computer program that is maliciously placed on your computer by criminals online. And you won’t know it’s there until the damage is done. Thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide have been targeted, and millions of dollars have been spent to try to recover.

But recovery from ransomware is easier said than done. Why? It has to do with how ransomware works.

Ransomware quietly works behind the scenes – encrypting your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures, databases…everything. When it’s done, you may be able to open your files, but they are a garbled mess of numbers and letters that are completely useless.

Then, the criminals behind the ransomware make contact with you via the computer to demand money in return for the key to unlock your documents and decode them so they can be used again.

Hospitals, schools, universities, businesses, individuals, and government agencies across the globe have been victimized by this menace. And many, if not most, have paid the ransom.

We don’t want that to happen to you.

Avoid a ransomware payout with business continuity service from Cyber Express!

We will set up your systems and back up your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures, and databases every fifteen minutes. So even if your local data gets encrypted by ransomware criminals, we can restore your files using your offsite backups.

Find out more about our business continuity service now by calling 330-629-6922 or send an email to Our friendly team members are standing by to talk with you.