Cyber Express is a top-tier IT firm with a proven track record of successfully working with companies just like yours.

We don’t just talk the talk.  If we say that we can do it, we deliver—every time. With business booming for you, you are busier than ever.  Trying to find the additional time to keep up with your company’s IT needs is becoming more and more difficult.  You’ve tried delegating to your staff, but you know that in the end, this simply takes them from more important work that needs to be done.  After all, you didn’t hire the best in your field so they could spend their days trying to figure out why your WiFi connection is so slow or to research how to properly implement and configure your latest software acquisition. You need a good IT firm to do that for you.

Among the industries in which we have specialist expertise are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Non-Profit
  • Residential
  • Small and Home Offices
  • Small to Mid Size Business

For many companies, managing their IT in-house has seemed like the only solution. Let us show you a better option!

A lot of business owners wrongly assume that outsourcing their IT support to an IT services company is too cost prohibitive – especially if they are a start-up or small business.

This may be true of some IT firms, but not of Cyber Express.  The Cyber Express team provides all the IT support your business needs at a price point that you can afford.  We offer affordable, flat-rate monthly fees to fit any budget!  Whatever your needs, we can deliver.

Cyber Express—A Team with Experience

No two companies are created equally – even if they are in the same industry.  It’s  the same with professional technology specialists. There’s a reason our clients trust us. We’re the best at what we do!

You didn’t get to be at the top of your game the first time you decided to enter the field.  It took years of hard work of studying, improving, and consistency to earn your stellar reputation.  You had to DO the work to gain the respect of others in your industry and your client base.  Many IT service providers will talk the talk, but the problem is IT is not a generalized product.  There is no cookie-cutter solution that works across a spectrum of industries.  Each field is unique and requires a unique technology support approach.  And experience working directly with YOUR company’s industry matters.

Why Choose Cyber Express?

Experience matters, but so does what a company has to offer.  You didn’t hire just any person who walked in off the street to work for your business.  Certain qualities mattered to you and certain skills they needed to be able to offer.

Cyber Express has the experience you need, but also the services you are looking for to take your IT to the next level.

Among the services Cyber Express offers are:

  • Comprehensive IT Assessments
  • Quick Response Time to A Dedicated Team of Professionals Who Speak Your Language
  • Continuous Computer Care

And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of all that we have to offer businesses like yours!

Do you work from home sometimes? Need a technician to come to your home office?

Not a problem.  Cyber Express’s team of professional and friendly support specialists are ready to take your call.  We have quick response times, and we speak YOUR language. No more trying to understand “tech speak.”  Our staff breaks complicated technology terms into everyday language to ensure you understand not only the problem but also the solution.

Cyber Express is committed to providing you with the tools you need for your home office, not selling you fancy equipment and programs that you just don’t need and can’t use.  Our solutions are direct and simple, and they solve the problem every time.  We are the computer support specialist team that you can count on and trust.  After all, it’s risky inviting a stranger into your home these days.  With Cyber Express, you are partnering with a friendly face who truly cares.

Ready to get started?  Contact the Cyber Express expert IT team now at {phone} or {email}.

All the IT you need is just a phone call away.

We look forward to serving you!