First, click the icon on your desktop (or in the spyware utilities folder).

Click "check for updates"

Wait for the update to load.

In this case, Malware Bytes downloaded a new version of itself. It wants to know if it's ok to install it. Click ok.

It wants to restart to finish installing the new version of the program. Save what you may have been working on then click "yes".

After it reboots, go back into Malware Bytes.

You've updated the program, but still need to update the virus definitions. Go back to the update tab at the top, then click "check for updates"

Wait for the update

Click "ok" when it tells you it's finished updating.

Now you want to run a scan. Normally a quick scan will do, so leave that option marked, and click "scan".

When it's finished scanning, it will show you a screen similar to this one. When you click ok it will show you a screen listing all the items it found in red. On this particular computer, no items were found. If they were, you want to make everything in the list has a check box and then click "remove selected".

Malware Bytes always shows you a notepad file summarizing it's activities. It is not necessary to save this. You're all done!